6 Ways to Lower Your Plumbing and Heating Costs

The costs of plumbing and heating can be a burden, especially during periods of extreme weather. As the price of fuel increases, your water and heating bills will rise with it. Luckily, there are a number of quick and inexpensive ways to lower the monthly costs associated with these utilities. Here are six ways to cut down on costs that you can do by yourself:

1. Make Sure Your Toilet is Efficient

If your toilet runs for no reason, it is most likely leaking. Leaking toilets waste water and will increase your water bill. Most leaks can be easily fixed by installing a toilet flap. These flaps are cheap and only take a few minutes to set up.

2. Check Your Kitchen Sink

If your home has a septic system, putting certain items down your kitchen drain will force it to work harder. To avoid overloading your septic tank, find other ways to dispose of these items. For example, instead of washing leftover food down the drain, scrape as much as you can into the trash. Doing so will save you the trouble and cost of unclogging the drain and pumping the septic tank.

3. Invest in a Quality Garden Hose Nozzle

Old and low-quality nozzles can turn your garden hose into a significant money-drainer. There is no need to leave your hose on continuously when watering outdoor plants, and a quality nozzle stays on only when you want it to. You can also take advantage of the superior spray patterns. More sophisticated nozzles have several spray settings that you can use to distribute the water more effectively. This increased efficiency allows you to water your lawn or garden at a fraction of the original cost.

4. Manage Your Shower Spray

You can still get clean without turning your shower on all the way. Using a less intense spray will automatically conserve water and lower your bills. If you take hot showers, using a weaker spray will also reduce the monthly cost of water heating.

5. Keep Your Windows Covered

Windows that have not been weatherized make it easy for cold air to penetrate homes and other buildings. Invest in some heavy or insulated drapes to keep hot air in and cold air out. This will lower your heating bills and keep you warm during cold winter nights.

6. Fix Leaking Doors

You should make sure your doors are weatherproof at least once a year. By fitting your doors with weather stripping, you can seal in warm air in the wintertime and cool air in the summertime. If your doors are already fitted with weather stripping, check them regularly to see if it needs to be replaced.

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