How to Unclog Toilets and Main Water Drains

Maintaining plumbing systems is an important part of owning a home. While some plumbing problems are complex enough to require the services of a professional, many issues can be resolved with nothing more than some basic knowledge and a little bit of elbow grease. Clogged toilets and water drains are perfect examples, and every homeowner should know how to properly clear these plugs.

Some people try to use chemical cleaners as a quick and easy solution, but many plumbers recommend that you avoid using these products. The chemicals are caustic enough to clear the plugs in many cases, but they are highly corrosive to pipes and can make people and pets sick. If the clog does not clear, you will be left with a toxic soup of chemicals to deal with. Even if the chemicals drain, they are still harmful to the environment.

Using a plunger is much safer for homes as well as their inhabitants. Start by bailing out the excess water, then try using the plunger a few times. If the plunger has no effect, you can try using the hook method. Fashion a hook out of a standard wire hanger and use it to draw out the obstruction. Using a plastic garbage bag to cover your hand, you can also reach into the drain and pull the obstruction out manually. Make sure you do not flush a toilet while it is still clogged as this can cause the bowl to overflow.

In most cases, these do-it-yourself techniques are effective ways to deal with clogs. With these methods and a little luck, your toilet or drain will be back to flowing smoothly in no time. In addition to saving some money, you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished the task by yourself.

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