Plumbing and Heating Professionals Need Training

It is certainly more cost effective to hire people who have little to no experience and then train them for the jobs they will perform. However, sometimes companies forget that workers with no experience need much more training than those who have even a little experience. Companies in the plumbing and heating business cannot afford to make that mistake.


Heating and plumbing engineers should be certified, showing that they know and understand the local laws and building codes that must be followed on the job. These certifications may require a higher starting salary because the workers do not need as much training, but companies can also charge more for certified engineers. Certifications to seek in a qualified heating and plumbing engineer include:

• Part P Electrical and Building Regulations
• Unvented System Training and Assessment


Certified heating and plumbing engineers are typically more reliable than those who only have general knowledge from working in the field. The technical and legal requirements raise the quality of the work from those who did not finish their training. Having certified engineers also gives the company an edge on their competition, as the clients know that the engineers will provide the highest quality of work.


Companies worldwide are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and it is no different for companies providing heating and plumbing services. Having engineers trained in the latest “green” technologies such as ground-source heat pumps, solar thermal panels and underfloor heating is an asset. Since consumers are increasingly seeking ways to be environmentally conscious, having engineers trained in the modern “green” methods makes the company more attractive to clients.

Help with Training

For companies who hire inexperienced heating and plumbing workers, the government has established various programs such as the Competent Person Scheme (CPS) to help companies provide adequate training to their workers. This will allow companies to have certified workers trained to the company’s specifications.

Companies should never be lax in the proper training of their heating and plumbing engineers. Proper training and certification allow a company to be competitive while taking care of their clients’ needs. Customers are willing to pay more for qualified work done right the first time than pay more for repairs of the work later.

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