Premier Plumber in Salinas, CA

Plumbers provide a valuable and needed service for both home and business owners. Furthermore, it’s important to locate a reliable plumbing company that offers extended service hours because plumbing problems can happen at any time. Charlie’s Plumbing & Heating in Salinas can take care of your home’s plumbing problems. For instance, our company can unclog drains, repair leaks or install new plumbing-related appliances.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

You can call Charlie’s Plumbing & Heating at any time of the day or night for emergency plumbing service or repairs. Our  company’s technicians are trained to handle interior and exterior issues such as clogged sinks or toilets as well as broken sprinklers and sewer problems. Our plumbing company can quickly repair water leaks and make sure that your garbage disposal is working properly. You can even call Charlie’s Plumbing for water pressure issues.

Foundation Problems

Foundation issues can be extensive and may arise from heaving, which is the upward movement of your home’s foundation, sidewalk or other property structure. A variety of factors can cause heaving such as tree roots, expanding soil or pressure from nearby structures. When a plumbing professional corrects the problem, he or she will determine how much more the area could shift to complete a proper repair. Also, if pipe breaks or leaks occurred during the incident, then your technician will follow through with additional repairs.

Appliance Installations

If your home’s drains clog frequently, then you may consider contacting Charlie’s Plumbing & Heating to diagnose the source of the problem. For instance, many locations have hard water issues, which can create plumbing problems. Hard water includes high calcium or magnesium levels. To recognize it in your residence, review your faucets, dishes and shower doors for white spots. Hard water diminishes the color of your clothes, and it leaves behind pipe-clogging mineral deposits. Frequent pipe clogs can become expensive to repair.

To soften the water in your home, contact a Charlie’s Plumbing technician to install a water softening system. Once the system is in place, it will lower your energy use since it will decrease the mineral deposits in your hot water heater and pipes. Your home’s appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machine and hot water heater, may also last longer with a water softening system.

Replacement Service

You may need the expertise of a trained plumber to install new sinks, hot water heaters or showers. By hiring a professional, you can feel confident that the installation will be completed accurately. You should also hire an expert plumber for remodels that involve your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Charlie’s Plumbing & Heating can also install different hot water heater models including traditional tank versions and newer tankless models. If you select a tankless hot water heater, then you will pay more for the unit, but the model offers several advantages. For instance, the appliance will decrease your energy expenses and provide you with a limitless amount of hot water. The unit is smaller than a traditional hot water heater, so it will take up less space. Furthermore, you can prevent the flooding that occurs after a tank model corrodes.

The plumbing company also has the equipment and training to complete extensive installation jobs like sewer and sprinkler line replacements. If drainage is an issue, then your technician will arrive to your home with a specialized camera to inspect your drains and determine the blockage’s source.

The Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Plumber

By having the contact information of a reliable plumber readily available, you’ll gain peace of mind along with trustworthy plumbing assistance for your home or business.

Call us 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week in Monterey. No matter what your unique needs, Charlie’s Plumbing & Heating can help. Request a fee quote today. 831-442-5750

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