Preventative Maintenance For Your Plumbing

Modern plumbing performs many essential tasks in a household, but various problems can create unhealthy living conditions and prevent this sophisticated system from providing reliable service. A small leak in a drainpipe or water line can cause significant property damage, and excess moisture can corrode metal, damage wood and encourage the growth of mold. A clogged drain or sewer line can cause waste materials to backup into your sink, bathtub or toilet.

Many homeowners do not realize that they have water leaks until they receive an expensive bill. Water Alarm is an innovative and cost-effective solution. The system monitors the network of pipes that channel water throughout your home and alerts you when it detects abnormal moisture levels. This affordable surveillance program eliminates the risk of high water bills.

There are several potential reasons for clogged drains. One of the most common issues for sluggish bathroom pipes is organic matter, such as hair and soap residue. Excess paper can cause a toilet to backup. Grease and food particles can clog your garbage disposal and kitchen drain. Tree roots can penetrate and block main sewer lines as they search for moisture and nutrients.

You can eliminate or reduce the occurrence of these issues with the regular use of products designed to keep your drain lines clear. BIO-CLEAN is an environmentally friendly formula that contains natural bacteria and enzymes, which digest organic matter that accumulates inside your pipes. Unlike caustic chemicals, BIO-CLEAN has no fumes and does not produce heat. The proprietary formula does not harm metal or plastic pipes.

RootX is an herbicide specifically designed to kill roots and prevent their re-growth inside plumbing. The product’s foaming agents dissolve organic material, which enable the solution to reach and adhere to the top of the drainpipe where most roots are located. RootX will not harm your other vegetation, septic system or pipes. If left untreated, the roots will restrict the flow of water and organic waste. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage. Annual treatments enable your pipes to flow at full capacity.

Correcting plumbing issues while they are minor can help you avoid an emergency service call and expensive repairs. If you need assistance establishing a preventative maintenance routine, give us a call. Our team can clear your drains without damaging your pipes. Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating is the authorized dealer for Water Alarm, BIO-CLEAN and RootX.

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