Water Soft Your Life

Saves on plumbing and water using appliances…
Hardness minerals can cause scale build-up in pipes, water heaters, and in plumbing fixtures. Scale build-up in water heaters acts as an insulator causing water heaters to become less efficient and cost more to operate water suing appliances such as dish washers, clothes washers, automatic coffee makers, etc. These items can need frequent repairs or suffer premature replacement.

Benefits of Water Softeners:

  • Eliminates soap scum
  • Cleaning products work better
  • Cleaner dishes and glassware
  • Brighter Laundry and Increase Fabric Life
  • Helps prevent scale build up
  • Increases water heater efficiency
  • Protects Plumbing Fixtures and Finishes
  • Increase appliance life

As you can see… water softeners is a preventive maintenance plan for you investment. If you’re in the need of a new water softener system or simply need to have your current water softener repaired, call Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating today (831) 442-5750.

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